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I see a lot of new photographys carrying their cameras around with the lens cap on all the time.

These are easy to lose, and kill any spontaneous photography you could ever hope for.

A UV lens filter is a disk of coated glass that screws onto the front of your camera lens.

If you look close at the front of your lens you will notice there is a thin threading.

Cam in ass english new-90

I actually got applause from the attendees of the wedding when this happened!

I was shooting a wedding with two cameras around my neck and was crouching down to get a shot.

One of my cameras with my mid-range zoom slid off my lap to the ground and landed straight onto the lens.

It also means you can’t change modes or settings if you have it in a waterproof housing.

(There's a workaround for alternating between photo and video, but it’s kind of a pain.)Speaking of waterproof housing, while that’s included with the Go Pro, the Yi’s housing is sold separately (it costs on Amazon).

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