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According to , Tyga and Osman were seen riding around together in Tyga's Bugatti. Obviously, stepping out with each other doesn't necessarily mean they're exclusively dating, but people are definitely 'shipping these two.If you don't recognize Osman's name, you'll definitely recognize her face — it's basically the same face Kim Kardashian has.One of Kardashian's close friends, Jonathon Cheban, was feeling a little neglected by Kimmy for spending too much time with her family (the nerve).In retaliation, Cheban befriended Osman and sported her around town like some sort of Kim K stand in., the short-lived reality TV show where women competed to date "Prince Harry," who was actually just British environmental consultant, Matthew Hicks?The resemblance was convincing enough that the women actually believed it was the redheaded royal. Jennifer Lopez spent some time with her mother Guadalupe Rodriguez over the weekend – and graced her more than 68 million Instagram followers with a rare photo of the stunning family matriarch.

Now, it’s even possible to search for dates who bear a resemblance to someone else, be it celebrities, co-workers, or people who you’ve been trapped in the friend zone with for years.

Just in time for my 1 year "Elsaversary" of my original pic next to the cut out of Elsa, I now have a beautiful new dress by "angel-secret.com" to continue being the Snow Queen in. It's perfect because this weekend we are going to Wisconsin to fundraise & dedicate a park "Angels Island." ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️A post shared by Anna Faith™ (@annafaithxoxo) on Electrician Robert Mc Kinnon looks just like the Canadian heartthrob.

Bonus: He told our friends at ELLE that he's single, so if you spot this handsome face on a dating site, be sure to say hi — he's not a fake!

This is what's fascinating to people — Tyga and Kylie break up and he basically dates her older sister.

Kylie probably DGAF since she's been happily dating rapper Travis Scott.

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