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For those of you who don't know, I live part-time in Chile. I'm constantly frustrated here, because “dating” seems to consist of, “Hey, what are you up to tonight? Your client is angry because you aren't available to take her calls 24/7–whose fault is that, really? You got thisclose to accepting a contract, but you didn't. What expectations did you have, that your prospective client might not have met?And if I feel less like a whore, then I will be in a better mood.And if I'm in a better mood, I will probably start giving to charity or some shit. Apparently, you never know when you might get a blood stain. Because if you want me to take you seriously as a man? It isn't about having a man spend money on me–I could care less about that. So as a result, I've been left with the impression that Chileans suck at dating. I thought back to a Chilean friend of mine, who used to frustrate me, because we only ever would go and hang out with his friends in their apartments–we'd never meet anyone out for a drink, or do anything that was, to me, remotely interesting.

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Except I won't really name her Olivia, because it reminds me of that show, Fringe. Pronounced like “Nau” as in “naughty,” and “dee” and “uh.” Nau – dee – uh. (Hopefully they didn’t drink TOO many mimosas.) Let’s move the conversation over there! Chileans LOVE going to one another's homes and spending time together that way. At an average salary of 0/month, it's no wonder no one's hitting the town. But at the end of the day, regardless of the reason, what it comes down to is In this case, there are certain cultural expectations at play, for both parties involved. And I remember him telling me that the reason is because, to them, it's more intimate that way. And it's an honor to be invited into someone's home. You aren't happy with the way your e Book design turned out, because you expected them to know what you'd like. Haven't had a bloody nose in nearly a decade, yet here I am, with only THE MOST GORGEOUS MAN WHO HAS EVER BEEN IN MY PRESENCE and suddenly–I GET A BLOODY NOSE. That said, I wish that were the weirdest part of the date. (The answer: Yours, for not setting those expectations from the beginning.) You're disappointed in someone you've hired, because you didn't expect there to be that much of a learning curve.

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