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To that end, we have introduced chat rooms covering the following categories: As word spreads and these chat rooms grow more popular, we hope that a community of hope and support will form surrounding these rooms.Additionally, while the rooms are not monitored 24/7, we do check them frequently.We are excited here at Hope 4 Hurting Kids today to announce the official launch of our Chat Rooms for helping kids and teens to deal with difficult issues and emotions.At Hope 4 Hurting Kids, we exist to help two distinct groups of people: These chat rooms are our attempt to offer hurting kids a vehicles for talking to others about the issues they are facing, finding others who are in similar circumstances and getting help from caring adults.For decades, movies theaters would show cartoons before a feature attraction.Tonight, cartoons will star during the Adult Swim Drive-in Tour at the South Drive-In.Visit the SMART Recovery Bookstore to order your copy or, order the Kindle version at Amazon! Each year SMART Recovery conducts a survey among its participants.

Depending on the needs of a community, the amount of time that an SLC is open ranges from 4 weeks to 12 weeks, or more.

In addition, our online message board and 24/7 chat room are excellent forums to learn about SMART Recovery and obtain addiction recovery support.

If you're new to SMART Recovery, get started with our introduction here. Start a SMART Meeting in your community, or learn about online volunteering opportunities.

Its a unique experience," said Ashley Jex-Wagner, director of events for Adult Swim. Its a magical night, and everybody likes having something out of the everyday.

In its second year, the 10-city tour sets up shop in drive-ins, pro football stadiums, parks and other venues.

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