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The only way push messages can be sent are through servers run by app developers themselves, which presents a problem when trying to support push for any arbitrary XMPP server. After each OTR session is established, they each send a payload inside the OTR channel that contains a fresh token and their push API endpoint.

The token is used by the API endpoint to lookup your device APNS token, and the endpoint parameter is what allows this to work between apps from different developers.

About 5 seconds later Bob’s client will wake up in the background and automatically login to his XMPP account.

His device will also receive back the token he gave to Alice, do a local lookup to see that the incoming push is coming from Alice, and show a local notification visibile on the lock screen.

In the future we will roll out client support for XEP-0357 to allow you to receive pushes from any contact, as long as you’re connected to a compatible XMPP server.

Although OTR has proven to be trustworthy over the years, it is showing its age in the face of more modern protocols like Signal Protocol (formerly known as Axolotl).

To allow for a more seamless representation (non-alphanumeric ASCII characters can be a bummer), you can use hex, for example: Now that we have our username portion, let’s solve the other big problem with XMPP JIDs… Although there are some trustworthy XMPP servers out there, you can never be more secure than hosting your server yourself on hardware you own.

Traditionally this has been a problem for non-technical users.

Having a Knock button is not the ideal user experience because it’s a foreign UI concept and not immediately clear how it works.Pond also operates in a similar way as far as addresses, but as far as I know there’s still only a rudimentary GUI and command line client, which limits its usefulness to very technical users.My approach would be completely backwards compatible with existing XMPP clients, where you could use the same Ed25519 identifier on multiple servers (including your own ) to ensure reachability by all of your contacts, regardless of their client of choice.Asking them to SSH into their headless Raspberry Pi to address itself.The main drawback (or feature, depending on your viewpoint) is that it’s a ground-up rewrite of a full stack chat client, which means no interoperability for existing XMPP clients.

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