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But now it was time for parth to give shivangi some hard action.

He took his 7 inches dick which had just been massaged by such a beautifull girl and inserted in her trimmed pussy.

As I reached my bedroom window from outside the house I heard a sensual song playing and I could see from the window that they were dancing and parth's hands was on my wives hip.

i dont know what happened to me at that moment but I stopped there and wasnt able to do anything,it was like I was scared to catch my wife red handed.

I smelt something fishy there and I asked him whom he was texting but he gave me some lame excuse but I was determined to find out.

So that day I started to look for a chance to check his messages or email and I was lucky to see that he left the office early that day complaining about about stomoch ache.

She also wrote that she is ready to accept his proposal. I had to stop this and straightaway and I went to my house.

Till that time everything was normal and I can be sure because a few days later as I and parth were sitting in our office cafeteria he was continously texting someone and he was doing it in such a way as he was hiding it from me.

Now parth said its time to fuck you and made her lie down,even shivangi had become extremely horny by this was shouting come parth fuck me the pleasure.i m bored with my husband's lund and chodo mujhe abhi.

I knew that when shivangi gets horny she starts dirty talking in hindi and I loved it and even my cock had become like a tent seeing my wife in action.

I thought I was lucky and went to his cabin and fortunately he had forgotten to logout from his facebook account.

After opening it I received the shock of my life to see that he was chatting with my wife and that she had written that he can come to my house asap. she knew I wont be back from office till 9pm and it was 4pm at that time.

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