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And if the recurring through-line simply involves women stressing about their men stepping out, they may awaken to find that the audience has already left them.

A Review from The New York Times TV Review | 'The Game' Football Wives, Bridging 2 Views of Race By VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN Published: September 30, 2006To talk about The Game, a new sitcom about football wives that starts tomorrow on CW, we must be blunt about race or rather, about sitcoms and race.

Most of them have completely disappeared into obscurity, while others are still trying to make their mark in various fields.

Let’s have a look at what some of the most memorable characters are up to now.

Source: xfinitytv.Remember the TV show Baldwin Hills?

That show about young African American teenagers who come from rich families?

Source: Moriah Johnson season 1-3 First off, let’s start with the jock that every girl wanted…Moriah Johnson.

The son of NBA player Marques Johnson, the basketball stud was one of the few characters to star in all three seasons of the show, which is not surprising considering he was the center of attention from all the girls.

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Once settled into her new home she made two friends, Tasha ( Wendy Raquel Robinson), the protective, divorced mother/manager of the Sabres' star quarterback Malik( Hosea Chanchez), and Kelly ( Brittany Daniel), the pretty white trophy wife of veteran pass receiver Jason ( Coby Bell), the team's penny-pinching African-American captain.

Jay trio of biracial-seeming androgynous personas who preside over Tyra Bankss Americas Next Top Model. The second way is Americas Next Top Model, which has won little N. Tasha (Wendy Raquel Robinson) is the mother of a rising-star player, Malik (Hosea Chanchez); shes all attitude and fierceness, and she takes a dim view of white women who marry black men.

And the race-bending women of The Game have been written that way for a reason. Melanie (Tia Mowry), by contrast, is an ingnue dating a rookie, Derwin (Pooch Hall); shes wholesome and a good student, a kind of Cosby Show figure, who on the first episode tries to resist getting drawn into the meddling henhouse of football wives who are threatened by away-game hoochies who might sleep with their husbands.

Med student Melanie (Tia Mowry) is shacking up with an NFL rookie, Derwin (Pooch Hall), but she's threatened by the prospect of groupies, beginning with the gorgeous "image consultant" trying to help him maximize his few years of professional paydays.

Derwin invites Melanie to attend his first away game -- a no-no in the locker room, the veterans advise him, with their wives having correctly surmised that the road is "a license to cheat." As a result, nobody wants Melanie there, figuring she'll go back and fink on the players who aren't as upstanding as Darwin.

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