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Corollary to #41: It is the inexperienced beta male who is most often in the dark about a woman’s sexual history and liable to be victimized by the cheating slut.

Roissy Maxim #44: Women will not hold it against you for trying to get into their panties on the first night.

Striking in anger or contempt or disciplinary scorn is one such form of power.

Roissy Maxim #3: Whenever an attractive girl tells you she hates assholes, or describes her experience in the past dating assholes and claims to avoid them now, or recites a laundry list of asshøle-y things guys do that she disapproves of, you can bet your weight in gold bricks that she needs you to be an asshøle to her.

…nt categories and levels of “alphaness,” while others avoid the term entirely.

Still, the term remains popular, especially among the socio-biological camp in the seduction community.

Roissy Maxim #20: The gina tingle is the principal moral code to which women subscribe. Roissy Maxim #21: Never talk about getting into a relationship even if the girl says that’s what she’s looking for.

Roissy Maxim #25: Withholding sex is the tactic of a woman who has already lost. Roissy Maxim #26: If a woman says the word “sex” in conversation with you or about you, no matter the context, it means she’s thinking about having sex with you.

Usage: I was speaking to an HB9 last night, and I started getting a little beta, but then I caught myself. Notice the IOIs from Carrie whenever he reinforces his frame.

Enjoy the Current Year spectacle of leftoids getting id-raped by the very man-hating beast they released from the abyss, but don’t forget that the end game is not good for anyone: this beast won’t stop devouring until Equalism is dead as an ideology and virtue signaling passes from the stage as the flare of madness it has always been.

Roissy Maxim #2: Women are turned on by displays of male power.

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