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During her SBA trip to Mississippi in her junior year and her WBA trip to Washington, D. in her senior year, Katharine knew that she wanted to do a year of volunteer service after graduation."So many people in this country need help and these trips are a great way to help them and become more aware of the need, but I felt I needed to do more." After graduation, Katharine spent a year in Philadelphia, PA with the Augustinian Volunteers working with a small organization, ADROP (the Augustinian Defenders of the Rights of the Poor), with their social service ministries.Courses SOC 101 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY - 3 hours Sociology as a way of knowing and a body of knowledge. Study areas include perspectives on aging, social roles, family, retirement, living environments, minority and cross-cultural experiences, political and economic implications of aging. Ethical issues and the relevance of empirical research for building knowledge and evaluating service delivery in helping professions are considered. 223 DEVIANCE AND SOCIAL CONTROL - 3 hours The study of how societies come to define certain attributes and behaviors as deviations from social norms and how societies attempt to suppress or regulate them. 228 RACIAL, ETHNIC, AND GENDER INEQUALITY - 3 hours A sociological approach to the dynamics of racial, ethnic and gender group relations using relevant theories, concepts and empirical studies.Special attention to socialization, inequality in American society and the institutions of family, religion, politics and economy. Also included is a study of the social institutional response to the needs and problems of older adults in the form of policies, programs and services. Students are encouraged to satisfy the General Education requirement in mathematics before enrolling in the course. Topics include alcohol and drug use, crime and elite deviance, sexual assault and family violence, mental disorder, homosexuality and prostitution. Patterns of differential power and intergroup conflict in U. society will be examined using examples from several groups. 230 ASPECTS OF AMERICAN POPULAR CULTURE - 3 hours The study of a particular aspect of American popular culture using sociological concepts, theories and methods for the analysis of culture.

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Undergraduate specializations in sociology and criminal justice are designed with the objectives of either employment after graduation or entry into graduate degree programs.Admission into the social work program takes place in two phases: 1) initial admission to major, and 2) admission to the senior social work practice block (SOWK 375, 475, 476 and 477).Applications for admission to the social work major and to the senior social work practice block are available from the social work program director or on the Social Work Program website.Topics may include: Disney and American culture, American culture and politics through film, the golden age of radio, and the malling of America.This course may include field trips or off-campus study as appropriate. 233 SOCIAL WELFARE AS AN INSTITUTION - 3 hours An historical and analytical assessment of social welfare as an institution, using a framework of problem/need definition, policy goals, program design and service delivery. 350 HEALTH, MEDICAL CARE AND SOCIETY - 3 hours An examination of health, illness and medical care from a sociological perspective.

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