Updating maps for garmin gps

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The only problem with this old buddy is that the map is dated back in 2009 (I know, it was a long time ago). My previous firmware version is 3.4, so it is good to update. The newer maps are great except one problem: they are too big.The old Nuvi 360 has only 2GB internal storage and does not support SDHC, which means it can only support up to 2GB external SD card.Not for directions, but just as a “rolling map” to tell me where I am and streets are coming up as I travel.The technique I’ll show you here uses Open Street Map, a free and open-source collaborative work.Maps are updated much more often than the official Garmin maps.They also show considerably more detail, judging by my Nuvi’s performance today.So if this li’l technophobic sidekick can manage it, it’s likely that any of my readers can.I do the Fed Ex Ground delivery driver thing, and I have an old hand-me-down Garmin Nuvi that I use on my route.

Some models of Garmin GPS systems, such as the Street Pilot c340, allow you to update the maps.

Click "View map updates for this product." This will tell you the latest version available for your device.

If it matches the version currently installed on your Street Pilot c340, you don't need to download a new map.

I’m just going to write about the Garmin GPS because that’s what I have and all I really know.

But according to this wonderful web page, it also works for some other brands.

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