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Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) brings Nell back to Sonya, explaining that her pram was around the corner.When Toadie and Sonya realise that Nell has become too reliant on technology to keep her entertained, they go through a 24-hour digital detox.When a complication arises, she is taken to the hospital and gives birth to Nell via caesarean section.Nell stays in the hospital for a couple of days with Sonya, before she goes home with her family.The following month saw Walter Mitchell and Hudson Walsh arrive.Marty Kranic and Josie Lamb made their debuts in July and August respectively.Nell's kindergarten teacher tells Toadie and Sonya that Nell has been misbehaving, where upon Toadie contacts a child psychologist.A writer for the show's official website stated "Cheeky, left-of-centre and inquisitive, Bailey Turner is one switched on teen.

While babysitting Nell, Amber Turner (Jenna Rosenow) discovers that she is being influenced by a phone app.Believing the test is negative, Sonya throws it away, but Rhys retrieves it and reveals that the test is positive.Following the first ultrasound scan, Sonya and Toadie argue about whose surname the baby will take and ultimately choose Rebecchi.A few weeks later, Nell suffers a fall at the local park when Sonya is briefly distracted.A DHS worker investigates the incident when a formal complaint is made against Sonya.

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