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According to her, this happened on several occasions.She also remembers seeing a little girl sitting on my bed.I have an older sister and I would constantly follow her downstairs.Even though we had our own rooms I fought to sleep in her bed.Ryan apparently doesn’t like people giggling or laughing at him, and feels his team isn’t taking this case seriously.He doesn’t answer a simple question if anything else happened to him in addition to a woman (ghost?

Back in 2010, I was lucky enough to interview Katrina for a magazine that, unfortunately, fell on hard times, so the interview was never published.

My sister remembers a lot her experiences from that house.

She used to see a man walk into the bathroom at night.

She’s just the same as we would be in her shoes; curious, cautious, often times brave and sometimes scared.

The search for proof of the paranormal trumps any trepidation she may have and viewers quietly cheer Katrina and the team on while vacillating between wishing they were there, exploring the unknown, and being quite content to watch from the safety of their familiar couch.

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