Yoo ha na dating

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Quickly, because I’m basically shaking right now in happiness.. EDIT 4: The media is squeezing this story for all its worth.

According to the articles, they were spotted out together late at night, in the park(! Apparently, he acted like a bodyguard around her and held onto her hand tightly. We now have the influx of “We Got Married” articles.

The entire story centers around a leading lady who aspires to be a trot singer and the leading man is a renowned songwriter who gets roped into developing her talent.

Shin Song Rok will be playing the CEO of Ji Hyun Woo’s agency while Son Ho Jun is Ji Hyun Woo’s manager who once harbored dreams of becoming a trot singer himself.

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EDIT 2: I guess an update would be that YG entertainment said that YIN will be posting her statement on her personal SNS. But I don’t know if they are just saying that or they really mean it.

She also did a peace sign in front of him and he smiled at her lovingly. Apparently, YIN’s partner for the variety show was slotted to be a newbie actor going by the name of “Hyun Woo.” (His real name is Kim Hyun Woo).

YG basically said that it is up to her since it’s a personal issue and nothing has been decided yet on whether she will even say anything or where.

The main cast consists of all musician/actor hybrids without a single weak link in the mix.

Ji Hyun Woo already confirmed his casting as the male lead when he was discharged from military service last week.

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